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Jumlah Episod:26

SCRIPT WRITER:   Janjira, PGR’s team, Sofia Aliza

CAST:                       Adam Lee, Aedy Ashraf, Bella Dowanna, Eyka Farhana, Fariz Isqandar, Firdaus Ghufran, Fauzi Nawawi, Pablo Amirul, Syafie Naswip, Imran Aqil, Zarina Zainuddin, Nellisa Nizam

Anticipate the dramatization Budak Tebing Season 2 filling the Lestary TV3 opening. Featuring Adam Lee, Aedy Ashraf, Bella Dowanna, Eyka Farhana, Fariz Isqandar and Firdaus Ghufran. Dramatization coordinated by Feroz Kader, distributed by Country Universal Sdn Bhd. Kid Cliff 2 will begin on June 18, each wednesday to Saturday, at 9:00 pm and will likewise be communicated by means of the iQiyi real time feature around the same time after the transmission on Astro Ria.

Garis besar : RATU TEN PIN

The account of the coherence of Budak Tebing where Tongki, Arif and Talam are compelled to proceed with their lives subsequent to neglecting to Pulapol (Police Training Center). Tongki deals with his dad while working however he is regularly attacked, while Arif experiences issues managing Yoyol who will not acknowledge the arrival of Afendi, their dad who shows up unexpectedly.

Laura chooses not to go to London and attempts to discover her introduction to the world mother while Ira attempts to assist with taking care of the issue of two destitute youngsters and ultimately prompts an organization openness and vengeance against the Cliff Boy.

Peranan pelakon

Aedy Ashraf as Tongki
Adam Lee as Arif
Bella Dowanna as Laura
Eyka Farhana as Ira
Fariz Isqandar as Yoyol
Firdaus Ghufran as Talam
Fauzi Nawawi as Afendi
Pablo Amirul as Pablo
Syafie Naswip as Paan
Zarina Zainuddin as Sabrina
Nellisa Nizam as Maria
Imran Aqil @ Ijeebster as Pijoy

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