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Jumlah Episod:28

SCRIPT WRITER:  Shida Zali, Mia Marziah Manaf, Ema Shamsuri, Azril Hamzah

CAST:                    Hisyam Hamid, Apreena Manrose, Hafeez Mikail, Bella Dowanna, Mustafa Kamal, Maria Farida, Rahim Jailani, Zila Bakarin, Khaty Azian, Scha Eliana, Zaefrul Nordin, Aleza Shadan, Fadlan Hazim, Idzham Ismail, Mathni Razak, Ziema Din, Liza Semron, Omar Rizal, Saifullah Mohd Yunus, Natasha Elyzza, Alif Hilman, Ezzaman Othman
TV BROADCAST:  Slot Akasia TV3

Nantikan penggambaran ‘Hatimu Sedingin Salju’ yang akan ditayangkan di pembukaan Akasia TV3. Menampilkan Hisyam Hamid, Apreena Manrose, Hafeez Mikail dan Bella Dowanna. Siri dramatisasi 28 pemandangan yang diselaraskan oleh Bahri Uma. Siaran bermula 24 Jun 2021, setiap Isnin hingga Jumaat jam 7 malam di TV3.

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Telling about Arman (Hisham Hamid) will forfeit his affection for Rania played by Aprena Menrose in the wake of knowing his old buddy, Haikal (Fadlan Hazim) has trust in the lady. From that point forward, Arman has simply had the option to stifle his sentiments until at one point he has abandoned having intercourse, particularly when he discovers that Rania and Haikal are locked in.

Arman then, at that point began busying himself by dealing with the organization acquired from his dad, Datuk Jamal. This makes Datuk Jamal (Mustafa Kamal) and his better half, Datin Mimi (Maria Farida) stressed over the individual existence of their child who has arrived at the age of 33 yet at the same time has not considered love since he is caught up with working.

At some point, Datin Mimi, Datuk Jamal and Arman’s more youthful sibling Nabil (Hafeez Mikail) start a ‘plan’ to meet Arman with his future spouse. To finish the arrangement, Nabil has convinced Arman to go with him on vacation to a retreat in Langkawi. There, Arman didn’t figure he would meet again with Rania, the lady he once adored.

Arman and Rania begin to draw near and who might have thought, in genuine quiet Nabil had placed his heart into Rania. From that point forward, Arman and Nabil’s relationship started to cool. Indeed, even the different hardships that come in the existences of Arman, Nabil and Rania.

Will Arman penance his affection again or will Nabil surrender? Who figured out how to have Rania’s heart? Would they be able to live in a protected and agreeable family?

Scene 1 – Datin Mimi is vexed to see Arman who never focuses on the topic of a mate despite the fact that he is very nearly 33 years of age. each time he shows a spouse contender for Arman, Arman will reject. in addition, her significant other Datuk Jamal didn’t permit Datin Mimi to meddle in Arman’s own undertakings since he realized Arman was occupied with work in his office.

Scene 2 – Rania leaves her place of employment and needs to take a break to quiet her psyche. Syena who turned out to be taking leave around then welcomed Rania to Kuantan to go on vacation with him. Rania concurred. Datin Mimi claims to be pleasant to Puan Noraini to get some answers concerning Rania’s turn of events. Mrs. Noraini is glad to be companions with Datin Mimi. In the wake of knowing Rania in Kuantan. Datin Mimi keeps on asking Nabil to carry Arman to Kuantan to complete a mission to join Arman and Rania.

Scene 3 – Nabil thinks that its difficult to move toward Rania in light of the fact that Syena loathes herself. Each time Nabil welcomes Rania and Syena out, Syena will stop since she doesn’t care for Nabil. Some time ago, Nabil baffled their companion, Ela, to such an extent that they needed to quit considering and get back to the town.

Scene 4 – Arman consistently gives uplifting statements to Rania who has quite recently been disillusioned. Arman discusses himself in the past who was once frustrated yet thinks about That every one of the claims that make him more grounded. Rania doesn’t realize that she is the person who made Arman be baffled. In the mean time, Datin Mimi is glad that Nabil sent the photos of Rania and Arman together. Nabil requested that Datin Mimi book her fantasy sports vehicle prepared. Datin Mimi passed on the news to Datuk Jamal. Datuk Jamal doesn’t mind as long as Arman doesn’t have an adoration issue that influences his work in the workplace.

Scene 5 – Arman is cheerful on the grounds that he regularly goes out with Rania. Rania expresses gratitude toward Arman for brightening her up. Arman advises Rania not to ponder Haikal. Continue living with another breath. At the point when Nabil goes out with Rania, Nabil starts to feel there is an exceptional thing about Rania that is absent in the young ladies he has at any point met. This makes Nabil need to know Rania significantly more profoundly.

Scene 6 – In Kuantan Nabil makes a move to go out with Rania. Nabil himself didn’t feel that he could like Rania. He didn’t figure Rania would change not at all like when Rania was in school previously. Nabil likewise gave different reasons so Arman couldn’t meet Rania.

Scene 7 – Datin Mimi requests that Nabil proceed with his endeavors to join Rania and Arman in light of the fact that the games vehicle reward is as yet open yet Nabil gives the explanation that he doesn’t care for compelling Arman. Datin Mimi was weird to see Arman’s change which was exceptionally lively not at all like previously. When asked, Arman said that possibly he had quite recently completed his excursion. he was content with Nabil and his companions. Arman attempts to call Rania however is as yet humiliated.

Scene 8 – Rania is irate in light of the fact that Arman concedes she is Arman’s sweetheart. Arman is irate with Rania for being companions with individuals like Sandra. Rania gives a pardon her cousin needs to find her a line of work. Arman offers Rania to work in his office. Rania is glad.

Peranan pelakon

Hisham Hamid as Arman
Apreena Manrose as Rania
Hafeez Mikail as Nabil
Bella Dowanna as Syena
Fadlan Hazim as Haikal
Mustafa Kamal as Datuk Jamal
Maria Farida as Datin Mimi
Rahim Jailani as Mahfuz
Zila Bakarin as Noraini
Khaty Azian as Normala
Scha Eliana as Melissa
Zaefrul Nordin as Datuk Hisyam
Aleza Shadan as Datin Afifa
Idzham Ismail as Huzair
Mathni Razak as Rizki
Ziema Din as Sarah
Liza Semron as Mira

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