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Jumlah Episod:26


CAST:                         Amar Baharin, Nadiya Nisaa, Razak Ahmad, Chiwan Chilok, Mia Nasir, Fikhree Bakar, Shah Rezza, Fadilah Mansor, Lan Siro, Adam Malek

Nantikan variasi dramatisasi novel ‘Ayat-Ayat Halal‘ karya Syamnuriezmil yang akan disampaikan di saluran RTM. Menyoroti gandingan Amar Baharin ayahn Nadiya Nisaa. Dramatisasi 26 pemandangan yang diedarkan oleh Global Station Sdn Bhd, diselaraskan oleh MP Roslin. Ayat Halal akan mula bersiaran pada 2 Julai 2021 setiap hari Isnin hingga Sabtu jam 8 malam di TV2.

Garis besar : RATU TEN PIN

Deck in light of the fact that the shock didn’t occur, Ebrahim Alfarez needed to get back to Malaysia, fasting alone. All things considered, he hasn’t returned for quite a while since he parted ways with Murni, two years prior. From that point forward, he has been restricted in Qatar and doesn’t have any desire to get back to Malaysia.

Yearning for his mom’s pandan cake, Ebrahim at last returned home. However, this time he met a pandan cake made by Ulya Ayani, the child of Pak Cik Ayob, the neighbor nearby. Ebrahim has gone gaga for Ulya’s pandan cake.

That is likewise the explanation, Ebrahim needed to camouflage himself as a ustaz to help Pak Cik Ayob to discuss while attempting to offer halal stanzas to Ulya. Who can say for sure, when Shawwal shows up, Ebrahim is hitched as Ebrahim’s mom consistently anticipated. The issue is, Ebrahim reminded Ulya to comprehend the halal sections, evidently not. Ulya straight bendul!

In spite of the inadequacies, for Ebrahim, Ulya has figured out how to make up for the shortcoming in his heart. In any case, the opportunity can’t be filled at this point on the grounds that Ulya is a nearby cousin of Murni and is likewise keen on Ustaz Hassan. Auntie Jah’s child’s proposition additionally made Ebrahim mixed up.

How does Ebrahim need to persuade Ulya that lone Ulya has the right to make up for the shortfall in his heart? Are the halal stanzas of Ebrahim enough for Ulya?

Since adoration is possibly wonderful when legitimized!

Scene 1

Eb has intercourse to a young lady from his town Murni and in the long run gets drawn in to the young lady. Eb then, at that point found a new line of work offer in Qatar and Murni couldn’t help contradicting Eb’s choice to work there. Eb clarifies that she considers her family’s future and is upheld by her mom, Mak Esah. Murni advises Eb to settle on a decision either all alone or as indicated by the desires of Eb’s mom which places Eb in a situation.

Scene 2

Coming back from the mosque, Eb was welcomed by Pak Ayop who then, at that point welcomed him to have a beverage while talking at home. Mr. Ayop admired Eb who worked in Qatar and he communicated his longing to figure out how to recount the Quran with the assistance of Eb. To win Ulya’s heart, Eb consented to help Pak Ayop to present. That way he would frequently visit Pak Ayob’s home and have the chance to notice Ulya.

Peranan pelakon

Amar Baharin as Ebrahim Al Farez
Nadiya Nisaa as Ulya Ayani
Razak Ahmad as Pak Ayop
Chiwan Chilok as Hazmon
Mia Nasir as Murni
Fikhree Bakar as Ustaz Hassan
Shah Rezza as Pak Ali


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