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Jumlah Episod:

SCRIPT WRITER:  Azizi Haji Abdullah

CAST:                          Jalil Hamid, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Fikry Ibrahim, Shahz Jaszle, Noorkhiriah, Hairi Safwan, Sherry Ibrahim, Mimi Ernida, Anuar Hamizan

Nantikan siri drama ‘Ayahanda‘, variasi novel karya Azizi Haji Abdullah, yang akan disampaikan pada pembukaan Lestary TV3. Diselaraskan oleh Dato Ahmad Tamimi Siregar. Menampilkan Jalil Hamid, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Fikry Ibrahim, Noorkhiriah dan beberapa lagi.

Garis besar : RATU TEN PIN

The account of a dad featured through the eyes of the most youthful kid. As far as he might be concerned, the more he attempted to comprehend the old heart, the harder it became. His difficult dad moved with age. Not to be condemned, a long way from tolerating the exhortation of kids. Subsequently he frequently demolishes his musings, harbors hatred and outrage blended in with blame.

While the dad is wealthy in adoration and willing to forfeit anything for the joy of his youngsters. Truth be told, pray constantly that GOD’s endowments will consistently be with them. However he is certainly not a simple individual to communicate dormant sentiments. As far as he might be concerned, it is essentially displayed through deeds with the expectation that the kids will comprehend.

The truth of the matter is, a dad’s sentiments are eccentric regardless of whether burrowed as profound as conceivable by his own kids.

Peranan pelakon

Jalil Hamid as Haji Abdullah
Fauziah Ahmad Daud as Noriah
Fikry Ibrahim as Aziz
Noorkhiriah as Halimah
Shahz Jaszle as Ramli
Hairi Safwan as Ahmad
Sherry Ibrahim as Aishah
Mimi Ernida as Rahayu



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